Fem/Studs, step up your game in 2021

It has been a tough year for a lot us. Some of us have had to change , postpone, and rearrange our goals. Despite the challenges of 2020, we look forward to improving ourselves in so many ways.

Whatever goals you have for the year, let’s step it up.

Job or Career

Some of us lost our jobs last year or maybe you just didn’t have. Either way, if a job is what you need to step it up, here are some websites that might help.

Indeed – A job site with thousands of jobs and help on finding employment

A Shout Out.Net – A new website that allows you to advertise your skills and talents. It also allows individuals access to their job board.

Ziprecruiter – A job site that has hundreds of jobs and services.

Resume Help – Free resume help and templates.

Fitness & Health

Is your goal to eat better or get a better body? Let get on it! If your goal is to lose weight, then join a gym or create your own little work out area at home. Here are some websites to visit:

24 Hour Fitness

Planet Fitness

Gold’s Gym


Whether your goal is to save, invest in stocks, consolidate, repair your credit, get a bad credit loan, whatever you need to improve your finances, take some time to do something about your money and finances.

Starting a Business

For those who are looking to work for themselves and start their own business, I want to share the video below:

Score – is non-profit organization that offers mentoring, advice, education and more to help you start a business.

Business Loans – Offers business loans and business services.


If education has been one of your excuses, although there so many educational resources such as YouTube, and other really knowledgeable sites, below are some sites that provide some free learning courses;

Free 1 month Microsoft Office classes

Free Online GED courses

New Connections

You might want to make some new friend or love connections. Elite Singles is a good place to start.

EliteSingles – Lesbian Dating


Bring in the new year with a new look or just do some up-grades. Remember looking and smelling good is a must!

                       Men's Bottoms Up To 80% OFF 125*125

Stepping Up Our Game

Your goals my not be in these areas, but whatever they are, let’s start the new year out by striving to achieve those goals for 2021, by stepping up our game!

Below are some Free information on goalsetting and self-improvement:

Improving Oneself For Good and Achieve Goals in Life

How to Set and Achieve Goals

15 Side Hustle Businesses to Start That Can Make You Extra Money in Your Local Area

4 thoughts on “Fem/Studs, step up your game in 2021”

  1. I noticed that you followed me the other day. It’s my policy to remove all follows from people I don’t know and have done so. However, I’ve had a cursory look at your blog. I’m wondering if we are on the same side, and now I slightly regret my action.

    I won’t make any assumptions about your story but I’d guess it’s very different from mine.

    I’d welcome a conversation. I’m just not sure how to initiate one.



  2. I am a SAHM with my youngest entering into half days, 4 days a week next Fall. I need to make some changes and slowly enter back into the working world. It’s so hard to set goals when I don’t know where to begin, yet I also know I’d be better at getting to where I need to be if I had goals to work towards. Any advice on how to get started?


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