We really have come a long way

A Look Back on Being a “Gay Woman”

A beautiful thing about being in love, is that it comes in all sizes, color, ethic backgrounds etc. but it extends back into time. Not accepted by all but felt by so many.

Maybe in Time

There was that time when we hid our love, so deep inside us so no one could see.

That secret love between you and me.

We played the game of who we were.

Only that connection between her and her.

Our loving looks

Our romantic books

To whom it belonged

Only understood in our songs

I longed so much for you in my dreams

Not able to act it out by any means

Why, oh why?

Why can’t I be free and have you

To no avail I am apart of you

Please let us be ourselves

Even though we’re not like anyone else

Maybe in time, maybe in time

This will all be over, and you will be mine

By Keyty

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