Should I Date a “Straight” Woman?

First question is, what are our intentions? Why are we dating each other in the first place? What do I want with her? Am I just wanting to date her just to “hit” it? Or am I looking for a relationship with her?

Next question I ask is, why would she want to date me? One thing I need to think about is, when a so called “straight” woman accepts to go out with a stud (gay) woman, she herself is stepping out of her “zone”. This woman is straight, and usually dates males, then why me? So, what are her intentions? Is she just sexually curious, or is she seeking to have a relationship with me?

Even though a woman is “straight” her intentions with you could be she is ready to settle down and is tired of the abuse or disrespect she has been getting from men and wants something different. These women know were not men, so if that were an issue, then they would not date us in the first place.

The truth is, some women are “real”. They do not play games. When it comes to relationships, they take them seriously no matter who they are with a Male or Female. They will be dedicated, committed and loyal.

So, I do not think the question is should I date a straight woman, but should I date “this” woman”?

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